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Research and Development

Alnan focus on Aerospace Material products researching and development, owning the institutions of Aerospace Aluminium Alloys

and Processing composed of Aerospace Material Research Unit, Marine Material Research Unit, Railway Transportation Material

Research Unit and Cladding Material Research Unit. As well as the Alnan aluminium Academy of Engineering, Academician experts

and Doctor workstations.

The excellent engieering&researching team makes the position and assessment for enterprise development and major projects.

Providing technical guidance and cooperation information for the researching projects.

Alnan has outstanding Aluminium chief scientists, many experienced technicians and professional talents.


State-of-the-art Technologies 

1.    Melt high purification technology

2.    Molding technology and microstructure control technology for large size casting ingot

3.    Casting ingot multi-level homogenization technology

4.    Asymmetric “dragon shape” rolling technology

5.    Wide-in-width hydraulic work roll bending and shifting technology

6.    Multi-level spray quenching technology

7.    Residual stress reducing by pre-stretching

8.    3-stage aging technology  

Alnan Major R&D Achievements

1.    Large specification casting ingot:

Maximum thickness of 5083 alloys casting ingot: 1000mm

Maximum width of 5083 alloys casting ingot: 2670mm

World Maximum diameter of 2219 alloys casting ingot: 1320mm


2. 7150-T7751 Aerospace plate


3.  7N01 Europe railway medium resist stress and corrosion plate 


4.  7N01 beam for high speed train