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Recruitment notices

1、 Major:Material science and engineering.  Position:R&D, Process technology, purchase, production plan, production management, product application, market development,  sales.

2、Major:Metallurgy. Position: R&D, Process technology, product application.

3、Major:Computer science.  Position: information planning, software development, system maintenance.
4、Major: Mechanical engineering. Position: equipment management, mould design, mould management.
5、Major: Electrical engineering. Position: equipment management, power supply.
6、Major: Economy. Position: market development, sales, strategy planning, production management, finance.
7、Major: Law. Position: legal work, audit, public relation.
8、Major: Psychology. Position: HR, PR, market development, sales.
9、Major: Chemical engineering. Position: chemical experiment, chemical analysis, process technology.
10、Major: Environmental science and engineering. Position: environmental safety, power supply.
11、Major: Management. Position: HR, PR, production management, intelligence, accounting, production application, market development, sales, strategy planning.

Finance executive

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