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[ Sales Team ]

Professional sales team, committed to provide the best product solutions for our customers.
As an advanced specialized manufacturer of aluminium products, Alnan possesses a sales team which formed of experienced sales experts, they can rapidly and accurately realize customers' demands. Alnan believes that our sales experts are not only simply connect with customers in sales-relationship, but also building up a platform for each other to achieve win-win.
Moreover, the requirements of customers on quality improvement, processes improvement, new product development are valued by Alnan, therefore, while our sales team providing the best solution, more importantly we paying attention to build-up a long-term steady relationship with our customers.
Internationalized sales team, focusing on global market.

We have a global sales organization, committed to service our customers in different counties and regions around the world.

Our sales experts are experienced in business developing, and are capable of providing professional sales service in different area, such as aviation, railway transportation, automotive, marine, electronics & appliances, construction & building, tooling and chemical vessels etc. 

According to your location, you can rapidly get in touch with our salesmen that are spreading round the world.


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