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Copyright statement

There is no authorization for any contents on this website ( The contents on this website are limited to the use under informational, non-commercial and personal purpose, it is forbidden to copy and publish the contents on any PC, and it is not allowed to spread via any media. Individuals cannot use these contents (include but not limit to: illegal copy, spread, present, imaging, upload and download) without the permission from the copyright owner, otherwise the owner will investigate its legal liability legally.


Copyright owner own the right of content alteration on this website without any notice. The owner does not state and guarantee the accurateness of the contents and data presented on this website. All the pictures (include but not limit to figure, perspective picture and design graph), models and description etc. are only for references, they are not the promise and offer from the company. 

Company Statement 

All the information about development projects on this website are subject to the final approval documents from the government. The copyright owner and the company will not take any responsibility for the individuals' losses induced by the trade based on the content of this website.